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“Preparing the next generation to know Christ and to make Him known”


At the Belize Bible College, our goal is to instruct men and women to model the Great Commission; to Go, Do, and Teach.


At Belize Bible College, we help cultivate our students’ understanding of themselves and their world. We offer our students a rare and distinctive opportunity to reach their communities with the Gospel message. We prepare them with necessary life skills while equipping them with the Word of God and a strong commitment to the Christian faith.

Our graduates will be confident and competent to serve others and make a lasting impact on their communities with the fortitude to accept the challenges that lie ahead. We work to develop strong and active members of society in the nation of Belize and beyond.

Philosophy of Education

Belize Bible College is an evangelical institution of higher education. The philosophy of education is summarized in the following propositions:

  • God is the infinite source of all things. He has shown us truth through Scripture, nature, history,
    and above all, Christ.
  • Education composed of both teaching and learning involves a person in its entirety by developing the knowledge, values, and skills which enable each individual to obtain understanding and allow for change freely. This most effectively occurs when both the instructor and the student are properly related to God and each other through Christ.

College Affiliations

Punta Gorda, Toledo District, Belize

  • Belize Ministry of Education
  • Carol Babb, Ed.D., Chief Education Officer

United States Contributors / Supporters

  • Home Church – Flint Baptist Church – Flint, Texas
  • Belville Baptist Church – Belville, Texas
  • Dogwood Baptist Church – Athens, Texas
  • First Baptist Church Kingsville – Kingsville, Texas
  • First Baptist Church Poynor – La Poynor, Texas
  • River Bend Baptist Church – Fulshear, Texas

Plan for Accreditation

The plan for accreditation will be once full-time faculty are in place starting January 2017 and the Ministry of Education in Belize has approved the final site visits and has given final approval for the College. The application with the Caribbean Evangelical Theological Association (CETA) will be submitted once the following processes are complete:

  1. The Board of Directors drafts an approval of their endorsement to apply for accreditation with CETA as well as approval for the application fee
  2. Statement of Agreement with CETA’s Statement of Faith and Constitution and by-laws, Course Catalog
  3. Obtains a letter of recommendation from CETA member school

Once the initial accreditation site visit is conducted, the college will be actively pursuing student learning outcomes and strategic plan committee meetings to evaluate the standards and quality of the education being provided. It is the plan of this committee to have full accreditation with CETA by year five of the school’s inaugural cohort.

Abstract of Principles

BBC Abstract of Principles

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